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“Bridget I don’t even know where to begin!  OMGoodness your photos are masterpieces!!  You captured the day perfectly & I haven’t even seen all the pictures yet!  =)  THANK YOU so very much for being a part of Taylor & Tyler’s wedding day.  It goes without saying that my family has fallen in love with you!  You captured everyone’s heart with both your personality & your camera.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Your pictures definitely show you love what you do.  You definitely have a gift from God!  Thank you for being an integral part of one of the most special days for our family.  -D.I., Bloomington, IL

“Bridget you did such an amazing job, thank you so much. I’ve never felt pretty since I’ve had my daughter and all the extra weight gain & gosh, I feel beautiful in these. I’m literally crying over these pictures. You’re amazing.” -S.C., Bloomington, IL

“Bridget- LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures so far. I feel like you really captured us in such a great way. It was so natural and we had so much fun with you. You have so much talent, and an amazing eye for what you do. Can’t wait to see the rest!! Thanks!”
-J.P., Flanagan, IL

“Bridget, once again I can’t thank you enough! I already can tell I’m going to struggle to decide which ones to order! I think she has been fighting a little cold but you can’t tell from the pictures that she wasn’t as overly happy as usual. You have such a gift in working with children and capturing their true essence! Thank you!”
-R.H., McLean, IL

“I am sure you’re already aware of this, but EVERYONE is raving over the pictures. I have received so many emails about how wonderful they are. I forwarded the link to a few other ladies that aren’t on FB and one of them actually called me to say how amazing they are ; ) Thanks again!”
-A.A., Shirley, IL

“You never cease to amaze me! I always think,, man the kids weren’t being good. There are gonna be no good pics and then they are awesome! everytime 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest”
-A.F., Galesburg, IL

“Thank you so much Bridget! They look so great!! He looks like such a little man in the first picture! Thank you for continuing to capture such wonderful photos of my baby. They are just priceless.”
-K.M., Mahomet, IL

“OOOOOHHHHHH goodness. I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!! I only have 31 favorites.. Thanks again for doing this. These are amazing photos, Bridget”
-J.O., Chicago, IL

“YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my whole office just heard my squeal of excitement!! THE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just beyond wonderful…. I can’t tell you how much I love them! Take it easy and thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!”
-K.M., Mahomet, IL

“OMG!! I knew you would do an excellent job, but these are just spectacular!! I love that you captured all of the “fall” aspects of the wedding. It was just the most beautiful day, wasn’t it? I can’t thank you enough for all of your beautiful work. I look forward to seeing the proofs so I can decide on which pictures I want for my special album of their special day, and of course, visiting with you again when we decide on the final albums. I just want you to know that you made my one and only experience to be the mother of the bride a truely special one!! Thanks, Bridget!!”
-P.L., Chicago, IL

“Thank you Bridget!!! They look great!! I didn’t tell you, but A has been having stranger anxiety lately, but with you, I was so impressed how she cooperated and gave you some ‘smirks’. 😉 You are so good with kids, and a super mama!”
-J.M., Pontiac, IL

“Thanks Bridget! They look wonderful! How are we ever going to decide??? Thanks again for everything! You have been wonderful to work with and we can’t wait to work with you for future events in our lives! I told my husband that as far as I am concerned, even if you live a few hours away, when the time comes when we have a family, I don’t think I would want to go to anyone else! I can’t wait to see our proof book and work with you more!”
-M.L., Chicago, IL

“Thanks Bridget,, .we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the photos – it’s so hard to choose which ones we want – I want them all! You truly captured the beauty and magic of my boys “down at the farm”. It is their #1 spot to spend time and they never, ever want to go home – and what special memories my husband has growing up there too – these pics will be tresured art for years to come!!”
D.A., Chicago, IL

“Bridget these are just wonderful! I just love how these pictures turned out!”
-K.M., Minonk, IL

“Bridget, I saw the sneak peek, the photos are amazing. Thank you so much for being patient with the girls. They are very busy little ones, but you really captured their personalities. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics! It was lovely meeting you, thanks again.”
-K.F., Bloomington, IL

Client e-mail: “Great job Bridget!! I LOVE them! I knew I would. I swear I should just never go anywhere else for pics. Thanks so much!”
-A.S., McLean, IL

Client e-mail: “Bridget! Bridget! Bridget! I am so happy with your work! Thank you so much! I love these, you made us look so good! I am never going to be able to choose!”
-K.B., McLean, IL

“My boyfriend and I have taken our son to four portrait sessions with Bridget so far: newborn, 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month. Every session has exceeded our expectations, and knowing Bridget’s work, we always have high expectations. Bridget truly does make each client feel like they are her only clients. The undivided attention she gives at each session rivals any photographer I’ve ever been to. The professional, friendly, and creative way she runs her business ensures that she’ll have many, MANY repeat clients for years to come. And the portraits, the products of her hard work…well, they speak for themselves!”
-L.S., Bloomington, IL

Client e-mail: “Ahhhhhh!!!! Bridget they are AMAZING! I am 150% happy with EVERY picture! Thank you so much for capturing him like that! Those pictures just make me wish he would never grow up =) You are so talented and I’m soooo happy that we came to you for these pictures, I honestly don’t think anyone else could’ve done such a good job, and I truly appreciate the thought and time you put into the shoot and the finished products! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!
-M.P., Bloomington, IL

Client e-mail: “OMG I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! You did a great job!”
-S.F., Danvers, IL

Client e-mail: “Bridget, they’re so beautiful! THANK YOU!! I can’t wait to start picking and ordering! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job and being so open with us!”
-S.I., Bloomington, IL

Client e-mail: “Bridget, we just wanted to say thank you for walking us through the first session. We appreciate your approach and were pleased with the experience. We also appreciate you working in our parents. Your expertise was very much welcome. We are looking forward to the upcoming sessions.”
-N.H., Normal, IL

Client e-mail: “Oh my gosh these are AMAZING!!!! I knew my kid was beautiful but you have truly captured that and I couldn’t be more impressed or pleased. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks ~ she’s gonna love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”
-K.H., Fairbury, IL

Client e-mail: “I LOVE THEM ALL! I can’t wait to see the rest. You are so awesome.”
-K.K., Goodfield, IL

Client e-mail: “HER EYES!!!!! You did a beautiful job. I’m talking you up all over town! Thanks a million.”
-S.S., Bloomington, IL

Client e-mail: “Oh my gosh Bridget those are fantastic. You really captured him. Maybe I should send his picture to American Eagle to be a model. haha”
-S.R., Normal, IL

Client e-mail: “These are FANTASTIC! I love them, you really do have a gift for capturing the moment. You rock :)”
-B.F., McLean, IL

Client e-mail: “Oh my goodness! I have tears in my eyes right now! Those turned out absolutely adorable. I can’t believe it! Thank you soooooo much. I love them all. Now, how do I decide?!?!?!”
-A.B., LeRoy, IL

Client e-mail: “THANK YOU- those are incredible! I can%u2019t wait to see all of them. I LOVE the one of C and L. Thanks again!”
-M.M., Carlock, IL

Client e-mail: ‘Thank you so much……….they are wonderful! What a great job you did! Thanks so much…I love them and am so excited!”
-A.A., McLean, IL

Client e-mail: “Those are AMAZING!!! I absolutely love them. Thanks for capturing those for us!”
-R.C., Pontiac, IL

Client e-mail: “Bridget- I don’t even know what to say, they are so much more than I ever expected!!!! They are sooooo great, thank you so much!!! The hardest part is trying to pick what I want to order because I love them all!!!!!”
-S.G., Fairbury, IL

Client e-mail: “These are FANTASTIC! I love them, you really do have a gift for capturing the moment. You rock 🙂 ”
B.F., McLean, IL

Client e-mail: “Love love love love! Don’t know how you did it, but I don’t look too bad. That one at the church with the solemn expression. OMG Ryan is hot 😛 This is going to be a hard process to narrow them down”
-L.W., Normal, IL

Client e-mail: “Oh my gosh Bridget those are fantastic. You really captured him. Maybe I should send his picture to American Eagle to be a model. haha
Thank you so much.”
-S.R., Normal, IL

Client e-mail: “Thank you so much……….they are wonderful! What a great job you did! Thanks so much…I love them and am so excited!”
-A.S., Heyworth, IL

Client e-mail: “BEAUTIFUL! You captured some purely precious moments! I can tell it’s going to be grueling to try and pick which prints I want! Thank you so much!”
-A.A., Pontiac, IL

Client e-mail: “Wow, I love the rest of the pictures. Our family and friends have given you many compliments 🙂 We love them! I really enjoyed working with you! You were wonderful with B and the photos are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks!”
-S.M., Bloomington, IL

Client e-mail: “Bridget, these pictures are gorgeous! I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. You did such a wonderful job capturing his innocence and sweetness as well as our love and pride for him. It’s going to be so hard choosing which prints to order! Thanks again for everything! We’re looking forward to his 3 month session. 🙂
-L.S., Bloomington, IL

From the moment I spoke to Bridget on the phone, I knew that it was going to be a great experience. When I arrived for the session I felt welcome and was completely comfortable which was great because you never know how a newborn is going to act. There were several benefits from the session. It was nice that my 2 year old, had toys to play with while photos were being taken of my newborn. Another benefit was just the fact that it was a relaxed and casual atmosphere. I think everyone benefits from that. I didn’t feel pressured or stressed during the photo shoot. Top notch professionalism. I thought Bridget handled all situations fabulous and I have already recommended her to a few people. I think the service she provided is hard to find now. I felt like she actually cared about what we wanted and thought, along with capturing the emotions as well.
-A.A., McLean, IL

Let me just first say that we were overly pleased with the service that Bridget provided us. From the first time we had our official meeting, we knew that it was going to be great working with her. You made us feel so comfortable and listened to what we wanted and you were willing to work with us on anything and even gave us pointers when we weren’t really sure what we wanted. After saying that, I can go into saying that the greatest benefit we derived from your service was your flexibility! We really wanted to have our pictures taken in Peoria, and Bridget never hesitated when we asked. She was willing to do anything to help us feel comfortable and I think that is a very important trait to look for in a photographer. 🙂 I would definitely recommend Bridget to anyone who is looking for someone who is flexible and wants great pictures at a very reasonable price! Who doesn’t want that? 🙂 Bridget was great to work with, got our pictures back to us fast, and most important of all fun to work with! Thank you so much! I am so glad that we booked her for our wedding dress too!
-L.P, Peoria, IL

We felt extremely comfortable working with Bridget. I think we felt more like she was a friend of ours than just someone who provides a service. The greatest benefit was seeing how comfortable my fiance was throughout the engagement session. I think he expected something totally different, uncomfortable, posed, boring even. But we couldn’t stop talking about how great the experience. I have already gotten so many compliments on the engagement pictures and have recommended Bridget’s services to anyone who saw them. We are so excited and can’t wait for our wedding day!
-N.T, Peoria, IL

We have used Bridget for three different sessions now and only have WONDERFUL things to say about her and her photography. She is a VERY personable and warm person to work with. She works exceptionally well with children. Bridget takes her time and doesn’t rush through the session just to get you in and out. She take pictures from unique angles and knows when to use black and white vs. color with the photos. Her communication before and after our sessions has also been superb. She goes through every picture individually and knows just what to edit BUT you still receive your proofs in a timely manner. For a professional session experience we would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that we know.
-M.B & M.B, Fairbury, IL

The entire time- prior to the day of my reception and up until that day – I felt like Bridget always kept touch and that she cared that our pictures turned out the way I wanted them to. She would check in to see how things were with my fiance’s deployment. It was so nice to know she wanted to get a feel for us and what type of pictures would fit our personalities. From day one, I felt like Bridget was a friend I had known for years. She was so easy to talk to in our e-mails and even when we met the day of the reception. Bridget was SO easy to work with and the pictures turned out better than I had hoped! I always tell people how great she was to work with & how easy it was for her to capture the moment without having to stage it. How great the end result was and her pictures are very affordable! Everything turned out perfect! Thanks again for doing such a great job!!
-T.H & J.H, Morton, IL

I felt like Bridget was thinking of the shots in advance, the layout, the moods of the people and how that would best suit us with what she could do while really gaining an understanding of what we wanted. Bridget did a great job in marrying everything together and stuck to schedule. The pricing she has is also reasonable so that we could use an experienced, skilled, talented and creative photographer without paying an unreasonably high price. A photographer needs to be able to keep people happy and smiling as well, when working with a large group such as a wedding party dress and you were able to do that while being firm enough to get the shots done when people were growing tired (and hot!). Efficient, creative, professional. You did a fantastic job; you were on top of things; you value the importance of capturing these moments. I was most pleased and impressed at your ability to anticipate and catch the key moments. To me, there are competent people, incompetent people and then those who shine. When I met with Bridget a few months prior to the wedding, I knew the photos were going to be great and from that moment I could not wait to see them. After seeing them, all I can say is, she did an amazing job and I have no idea how I am going to select these pictures as they are all phenomenal. Thank you Bridget for doing a fantastic job and documenting this most special life experience!
-T.S, Bloomington, IL

Client E-mail: OMG! I have literally been watching the slideshow for 45 min. I can’t believe what you did with what you had. Bridget, they are beautiful!!!!! The ones you picked for black/white just popped! Seriously, I’m about in tears I am so pleased. By looking at them, no one would ever guess E was being difficult (to say the least). Thank you Thank you Thank you. Just beautiful. I am working at Curves for women and every one of our members has been asking to see the pics. It was well worth our trip over.
-K.M, Clifton, IL

Bridget’s personal touch was great. She made us feel welcome into her studio and was really great at making the kids feel comfortable. She was very patient with us as well. Bridget certainly more than met our needs/expectations. The pictures turned out great! There were so many great ones it took me 2 months to decide! I would let potential clients know that she is very kind, easy going, friendly, and take great pride in the product that she is providing. I would refer them to the Imaginate website to see her work, and I think it would be a no brainer from there 🙂
-C.W., Bloomington, IL

The process Bridget used was amazing. I think the best part is that most of my best pictures are without me even looking at the camera. Bridget really looks at the customer, and captures and takes in every little moment. Bridget’s ideas and poses really fit my lifestyle and every picture was different. I really felt that she captured every one of my emotions. Bridget met every one of my needs. She has so many ideas and makes every picture one to remember. If someone wants an amazing photographer that’s down to earth and understands every one of their needs then Bridget is the best for them. I really appreciate everything Bridget did for me. She is an amazing person and truly has a gift. I had the best experience with Bridget and my pictures are ones I will show off forever.
-M.T., Colfax, IL

Bridget always made us feel comfortable, like she was excited about the experience of taking the photographs. She met our needs by traveling to other locations (nursery for a personal setting, and the park for an outdoor family setting), and by using fun props and nice backgrounds in her own studio. I also like how she posts the photos on-line so that we can show them to others who want to order pictures! Bridget has a contemporary and unique way of capturing photos. She really is an artist, so you will not get “cookie cutter” portraits like the ones taken at a department store. You will love how your pictures turn out! Bridget has a fun personality that makes people, especially kids, feel comfortable when she is doing a shoot. This makes for great pictures because people can smile and relax around her.
Her prices are awesome for such quality work.
-M.D., Chenoa, IL

I really appreciated that Bridget kept asking me what I wanted out of the pictures, or what I looked for in the pictures, because when most people are in a business like this they tend to think about how they wish for the picture to turn out instead of how the model or person wants the picture to look. This is what differentiates her from other photographers. Bridget made me feel like I was some kind of celebrity and I really enjoyed that. When we first met she asked me a few things about my personality, I was assuming this was to help her put her feet in my shoes, to make sure I, as the customer got what I wanted and was not unpleased with her service. Bridget presented herself as a professional but at the same time like she was just a good friend.
-K.P., IL

Bridget, I think you are just wonderful! You met us and you took beautiful pictures and were so fun to be around. You definitely met our needs. I would describe you as professional, energetic and creative.
-M.K., Bloomington, IL

Bridget did a great job, I had a lot of fun during our photo session which made the experience very positive. She used the techniques with lighting and her quality equipment to develop photos that I LOVED! I was very satisfied overall and will definitely be contacting Imaginate again! Thanks Bridget! She is such a friendly and personable person. She is professional and really knows how to work with you in order to get the photos you want that look the best. She uses her expertise to meet your needs so that in the end, you’ll remember to contact her the next time you’re in need of a photographer. I really trust Imaginate Photography and will definitely be calling her again.
J.H., McLean, IL

The process was very smooth. Once the appointment was set, Bridget took care of everything else. She coordinated everything, we just showed up. Too often we have gone to places to have our pictures taken and I have felt that I was doing most of the work. She was excellent with the entire family. She truly met our needs and we will continue to use her as a photographer. Bridget is passionate about photography and it shows in everything she does. She wants her product to be the best and will do whatever it takes to get that. We were thrilled with the service she offered overall and would recommend her to anyone.
B.C., Normal, IL