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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

Backblaze | Online Storage & Backup Solution

It’s such a relief to have found a backup & storage solution that actually WORKS.  I used one prior to Backblaze, and when I randomly logged in to “check up” on files, to my surprise, they weren’t necessarily there.  Customer service said, “Oh, just uninstall and reinstall”….  Not a good answer when your hard-drive or computer crashes!

A little about Backblaze:

  • it runs constantly in the background
  • automatically recognizes new & updated files, so that you don’t have to
  • storage is UNLIMITED
  • unlimited file size, data size, number of hard-drives
  • backup & restore from anywhere
  • data is secured & safe
  • best part… it’s only $5/month
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DIY Front Door Redo & Update | Before & After

I can put this on my list of DIY projects that seem like a slight change, but really make a great difference.. Our front exterior had become chipped over time & from full sun, so it was in need of refreshing.

 It looked like the prior owners had caulked OVER the top of old caulk… Definitely wasn’t pretty when I started scraping the old away..   This part wasn’t too difficult, just tedious to get all of the old caulk off, as well as scrape & sand the chipping paint.  Once it was smoothed out, I re-caulked using this:

And my go-to brand of paint, only in exterior for this job;

Of course I couldn’t do the job w/out having a foreman supervise; 

Initially I was only going to repaint the parts that were already white, but then decided to do the portion surrounding the side glass windows as well.  I’m so glad I did!  I feel like it brightened up the doorway that much more.  

My husband always asks, “why do you like to paint things WHITE so much?”… My simple answer.. I love clean, crisp lines 🙂

A cheap weekend project that turned out great!
My next task…. Deciding what color to paint the storm door!  Suggestions are welcome 🙂

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Father’s Day 2014

Happy Father’s Day!  I can’t believe how grown up the kiddos look this year, compared to last..  I love watching the kids proudly watch dad open & read their cards & gifts.. So sweet!

We haven’t had a family snapshot in a bit.. so I had to hand over the camera to my mother-in-law for one.. 

I asked all three questions about daddy.. Here were the answers:

“My daddy’s name is Erik.  He is 40 years old, 40ft tall and weighs 50 lbs.  His favorite food is sandwiches & lollipops.  My daddy is really good at making crafts.  He loves to color.  My favorite thing to do w/ my dad is get ice-cream.  I’m just like my dad because I like sandwiches.  What I love most about my daddy is loving him.  It makes dad happy when I laugh.”  Ashlyn -age 5


“My daddy’s name is Erik.  He is 12 years old, 2ft tall and weighs so big lbs.  His favorite food is chocolate.  My daddy is really good at picking up.  He loves to eat.  My favorite thing to do w/ my dad is get donuts.  I’m just like my dad because I love him so much.  What I love most about my daddy is going to the car show.  It makes dad happy when I tickle him.” Rowen -age 3


“My daddy’s name is Erik.  He is 40 years old, 6ft tall and weighs 135 lbs.  His favorite food is eggs.  My daddy is really good at being a goof.  He loves to watch football.  My favorite thing to do w/ my dad is play outside.  I’m just like my dad because I am good at sports.  What I love most about my daddy is he is fun.  It makes dad happy when I do good things.”  Kaylor – age 12

K also drew a funny picture of dad that says “What I think you look like” (it was a goofy one) and on the other side “What we really look like, a happy family”, and it had all five of us.  <3

Isn’t this the sweetest?? 

Kaylor also wrote dad an adorable poem;

There’s a special kind of feeling
when I think about you, dad

It’s a pleasure to remember
all the happy times we’ve had

There’s a special kind of caring
that is meant for you alone

There’s a place somewhere w/in my heart
that only you can own

(You are the only true man in my life that I will ever need!)

I love you very much

I couldn’t ask for more… This man is not only my husband, but an amazing daddy.  We love you, tons!!

Had to get a shot of Ashlyn teasing grandpa Gare-bear… 

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Summer Bike Rides…

Rowen got his first bike! Well, first BOY bike that is… He was content riding his sisters’ pink & purple ones, but it was time 🙂  When the kiddos stayed w/ Grandma Banana & Grandpa Gare-bear for a couple of days, they had this shiny green bike was awaiting him.. It was the exact one that he had picked out, so he was stoked!  From what I hear, Grandma wore these kiddos out w/ long bike rides.. The kids loved it!

We took a spin around our neighborhood last week to enjoy the beautiful sunshine…

Ashlyn spends more time hopping off her bike than riding, however… If there’s a flower/weed growing, you can be sure she will pick it..

Although he crashed & burned when leaving our drive, he got the hang of using his pedal brakes.. Just for safety measures though, he would veer off into the grass.  (um-teen

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