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Ziplist for Storing Recipes & Quick Grocery List Planning

If there’s a way to save time, less stress, and quick & easy.. I’m there.  I’ve mentioned Ziplist before, but I wanted to run you through WHY it’s a life saver..

I’ll be the first to admit, that meal planning is a wonderful thing.  Not having to frantically search the pantry & fridge/freezer at 5pm wondering what’s for dinner is a wonderful feeling.  Does it still happen though?  Yep!  And more often than I’d like to admit!

I have a lot of recipes pinned on Pinterest, but going to that board, then clicking on the image, it opening another link, etc. isn’t the most ideal when trying to menu plan.  I like simplified.  W/ Ziplist, you can have all of your recipes store in ONE place.  And the part I love most… drum-roll please!  Yes, it’s that awesome!… W/ one click you can add items from that recipe into your shopping list!  Easy peasy!

Find a recipe.  Save it to your Ziplist recipe box.  Click on the recipe, choose “Add to List” and choose the ingredients you need to buy at the grocery store.  Super simple.

Take a look… Find a recipe you wanna save;

This one makes it easy because there is a “Save Recipe” button;

A pop up comes up, and you click “Add to Recipe Box”;

Tada!  It’s now saved for you!.. 

Super simple and now all of your recipes are in one location; 

When I’m menu planning, all I have to do is hover over the recipe, and click “Add to List”.  You can choose all of the ingredients, and only some; 

And here is my grocery list.. W/ all the essential things I need, as well as what I need for my meals; 
I do this part on the computer, but when I head to the grocery store, I pull up the Ziplist app, and there’s my list.  I can checkmark the items as I go through the store, or easily add to the list if I need to;

You can also drag the “Clip It” button to your bookmarks toolbar for easy saving while you’re browsing the web;

While I’m on ANY website w/ a recipe, this tool searches the page when you click “Clip It” and will try to fill in the info for you… Most often it works completely on its own, but occasionally you have to plug in the recipe name, etc.  Still a big time saver for quickly saving your recipe to your Ziplist box though;

Let me know if you give Ziplist a try!  🙂

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