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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

Unglued- Week 1 -OBS

I’m really enjoying the OBS that started this week.  As wives & moms, while we “know” that others experience daily chaos just like we do, it’s always nice to have reassurance that other women, just like you & I, can completely relate.  In chapter 1, Lysa’s demand for her girls to stay out of their master bath had me nodding my head for more reasons than one!  There are times when keeping a straightened up & organized home, w/ three children (four if you count my husband.. kidding, honey!) seems nearly impossible!  Literally as I type, I can count eight balls of varied assortment lying around our family room.  However, I quickly smile, because just minutes ago, my 20 month old son & I were playing catching w/ a football, and swinging a foam Nerf bat at a wiffle ball.  Eight balls everywhere?  Yep, totally worth it.

There was a point in being a SAHM that I did wonder, “am I cut out for this?”, “will I ever figure it out?”… Those were my self-doubting moments a couple of years ago.  As my faith has grown, there are seldom thoughts of this sort.  There are definitely days that bedtime just may be the light at the end of the tunnel, or I’m looking forward to putting my nose into a good book & enjoy a glass of wine,  but all in all, I’m constantly reminded of my blessings.  God’s grace has so much humor to keep us humble!  On those days when it seems like nothing is going right, or as planned, look around and focus on all of the things that ARE right.

I love the reference to  changing our thought patterns in chapter 2.  I truly believe this, and throughout the last few years of my life have worked on training my thoughts to be that of positive ones.  I think that negativity and focusing on negative thoughts really does bring us down, physically as well as emotionally.  I prefer to be in good spirits, and a positive thought pattern is a must!  Also knowing that He is the one in control, and praying for patience, strength, thanking Him, all help in the positive thought process too.

A favorite quote of scripture from chapter 2:  “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God ‘s will is- His good, pleasing, and perfect will.”  Romans 12:2

Until next week’s study review! =)

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