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Bye Bye, Tonsils..

…and adenoids!  Kaylor was such a trooper today.  We had an early wake-up call at 5:30am to get to the surgicenter for her procedures.  She was scheduled for a 7:15 start time, but in true surgery fashion, they got her started around 8:05am.  She was in great spirits while we were waiting.. Being her normal usual self, and watching some cartoons.  Daddy was there w/ us for awhile until he had to head out to a leadership conference that was going on at our church.

The nurse thought it would take close to an hour for removal of her tonsils and adenoids, and also to have a blood vessel cauterized in her nose.  Dr came out about 45 mins later saying that her tonsils were bad.  As in super enlarged, and “leaking fluid” (to put it in a nicer term… lol).  Aside from consistant tonsil stones, it’s amazing she didn’t have sore throats all of the time.  They finally brought her back to her room to recover after about another hour.  I was missing my girl!  We got a good laugh at her stuffed bear, as he returned ready for surgery as well.. Complete w/ mask, a bandaged arm, and silly cap on.


Even while drowsy, she was still being “Kaylor”… She heard me snapping a couple of shots, and darted her pointer finger out at me. Pretty sure she was saying, “MOTHER, enough w/ the camera!”.. lol

The nurse said she was recovering very well, and was just napping a little as the anethsia wore off.  She was afraid to talk, but could mumble a bit to me.  It took some coaxing but she finally had some juice and an orange popsicle.  Who doesn’t like a popsicle?!?   I almost asked if they could bring me one… kidding.  Sorta.

We got home, and I made sure she had everything she needed, and she dozed off & on throughout the day.  Since I didn’t want her to raise her voice to call for me, I set up her metal garbage pail & a hanger (ya know, keeping it formal & all w/ legit tools), so she could tap on it as her “signal” for me.  It definitely worked.  I kept hearing, “tink, tink, tink”… I think she was being ornery & wanted me to get exercise going up & down the stairs 😉

All in all she’s doing really well.  The swelling & soreness if definitely painful for her, but she is handling it like a true champ.  Thankfully she hasn’t lost her sense of humor though.  She wrote via dry-erase board that she didn’t want to drink water, her spit was enough.  And that technically spit IS water.  haha…

Thank you all for the prayers & well wishes for her.  We appreciate it.    So proud of you, K, we know you’ll be back outside playing in no time!

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Angi Davis - August 10, 2012 - 1:23 AM

Glad she seems to be doing OK – praying for a speedy recovery over the coming days! (Watch out around days 7-10, though…they were the toughest for Gwen.) HUGS!!

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