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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

Ten on Tuesday…

1.  Ten on Tuesday is BACK!  Is that really #1 of the list?… Yep, absolutely! 😛

2.  Our family is big on having oatmeal for breakfast.. Probably 4-5 days/week.  What is your breakfast staple in your family?

3.  A website I came across.. Lots of great ideas;

4.  I do believe I will spend countless amounts of time visiting this site… So many awesome DIY ideas.  Look under the link “DIY projects”;

5.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about watercolor painting.  One of my favorite ways to paint, just haven’t done it in a long time… Hmm, maybe a craft project to work on in the near future.

6.  Gah!…. She strikes again!  (she, being Ashlyn).  Always taking my stamps for pictures that she colors, then folds 26 times into little origami, something or another, and stuffs them into envelopes.  Then of course, sneaks into my stamps.  This time, however, she must have gotten sidetracked and forgot her (stamp-covered), princess pen in my drawer.  This girl! …

7.  Something about this commercial absolutely cracks me up.. Makes me giggle every time!

8.  We’re starting a parenting study in our small group.  We’ll be reading “Revolutionary Parenting: Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual Champions“.  Anyone read this before?  I’m really looking forward to it.  A book our group did not choose was, “The New Strong-Willed Child“, however Erik & I are reading it anyhow.  I’ll again, let you decide which child this would pertain to… <cough, cough, Ashlyn!> lol

9.  We really do love our strong-willed, middle child…  She is just, well, ornery & too smart for her own good.  Never a dull moment, though, I will give her that.

10.  What books are you currently reading?  Or what study is your small group doing?.. I’d love to hear! 🙂

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