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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

Thursday, May 7th…

Oh, poor, poor blog.. Sometimes you are quite neglected..

For good reason though.. Life keeps us busy. Very busy, most of the time, but all is well! Tuesday night we had our good pals the Davis’ over for dinner for Mexican.. Hey, Cinco de Mayo or not, it’s always a good time to have Mexican food!

The girls are both doing wonderfully.. Kaylor is such a big help w/ Ash. When I’m fixing dinner, or need to do something around the house, I ask for her help to “talk to sissy for a min.” and she is quick to oblige.. Anytime Kaylor talks, sings, or does silly things, Ashlyn just lights up. I cannot wait until Ashlyn can really respond back to her. She is already so in love w/ her big sis.. I look forward to watching their bond of sisterhood unfold. Ashlyn has really been using her hands a lot these last couple of weeks. She chews on them, is reaching to grab things, and likes looking & pulling at them too. So funny to see her starting to figure things out =)

K’s last Girl Scout meeting is today. She really enjoyed this first year of being a Girl Scout.. There are still some summer events that she will be attending. I’m glad that it’s something she’s excited about though.. The girls worked really hard to earn their badges.. It’s also hard to believe that my 2nd grader is almost a 3rd grader! I remember so many things from that age range in grade school..

Business work has been keeping me on my toes.. I love all the new people that I’m meeting and have been working steadily. I love it!

We’re also planning a trip to visit Denver again. Erik & his buddy/business partner Jake will be having a conference for 2 of the days, but both of our families (his wifey Meaghan, my good pal & their 2 girls) will be going to! We are so excited.. This will be later this summer in July.. but I cannot wait!

This is going to be a crazy next few days.. I have a in-home newborn session tonight, that I’m looking forward to… On Saturday I have several sessions all day.. Yay! Hopefully the weather is nice on Sunday so I can enjoy some outdoors time w/ the girls & hubby..

I leave you w/ a couple of newer pics..

Kaylor making silly faces to make Ash laugh:

Erik called me frantic while I was at the grocery store.. He couldn’t find Kaylor.. That is, until he opened her closet and found her:

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After the Diamond - June 6, 2009 - 10:00 AM

haha! Love the photo of Kaylor in her closet. So cute.

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