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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

Saturday, March 28th…

Happy weekend!.. Haven’t blogged a lot this week, since Kaylor was home from school on Spring Break and we kept quite busy.. It was really nice to have her home, and makes me even more excited about this summer.. I’ve never been able to enjoy her on “out of school days”, so this was a new, nice change of pace. Let’s see.. to walk through our week.. Tuesday morning I had one of my “Giving is Awesome” nominees come by for a session.. That was a lot of fun, and she brought me delicious friendship bread.. yum! Wednesday Kaylor & I had a playdate w/ my friend Kristine. Her little one is 2 weeks older than Ashlyn, and she also has a very witty 3 year old.. When I see K interact w/ younger kids it really makes me realize how mature she’s gotten and isn’t so little herself anymore. Thursday night K had a friend over to stay.. I love hearing her interact & have so much fun w/ her friends! Then we were up & out the door Friday morning for Ashlyn’s 2 month check up appointment. Poor girl had to get her 2 month shots, and was such a trooper! Of course she cried when they were given, but luckily did not run a fever yesterday nor today, and all in all was herself and in good spirits. I’m SO glad for that! And last night I had a client session w/ a 10 day old newborn.. I’ll be posting their sneak peek soon on the photog blog.. He was such a beautiful baby boy.. Have I mentioned that I love my job?! I can now truly say that I do.. I also had a one year old scheduled for this morning, however we had to reschedule as she has cold/virus, poor thing.. I did utilize the time though to sneak in a mommy/Kaylor date.. whoo hooo! We headed to the pottery place and had a lot fun. Then it was a quick stop to Wendy’s (our normal date lunch location).. This afternoon I had some more girl time at our friend Genny’s bridal shower… It was great to mingle w/ other women & have a drink and some laughs.. Genny is going to make a VERY beautiful bride next month!

Whelp, I’m going to catch up on laundry and work while Ash is sleeping, before she wakes for another meal.. Tata!

Oh, and a picture of mommy & Ash..

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Kellybelly - March 29, 2009 - 2:28 PM

How beautiful!

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