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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), wife, mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

Ziplist for Storing Recipes & Quick Grocery List Planning

If there’s a way to save time, less stress, and quick & easy.. I’m there.  I’ve mentioned Ziplist before, but I wanted to run you through WHY it’s a life saver..

I’ll be the first to admit, that meal planning is a wonderful thing.  Not having to frantically search the pantry & fridge/freezer at 5pm wondering what’s for dinner is a wonderful feeling.  Does it still happen though?  Yep!  And more often than I’d like to admit!

I have a lot of recipes pinned on Pinterest, but going to that board, then clicking on the image, it opening another link, etc. isn’t the most ideal when trying to menu plan.  I like simplified.  W/ Ziplist, you can have all of your recipes store in ONE place.  And the part I love most… drum-roll please!  Yes, it’s that awesome!… W/ one click you can add items from that recipe into your shopping list!  Easy peasy!

Find a recipe.  Save it to your Ziplist recipe box.  Click on the recipe, choose “Add to List” and choose the ingredients you need to buy at the grocery store.  Super simple.

Take a look… Find a recipe you wanna save;

This one makes it easy because there is a “Save Recipe” button;

A pop up comes up, and you click “Add to Recipe Box”;

Tada!  It’s now saved for you!.. 

Super simple and now all of your recipes are in one location; 

When I’m menu planning, all I have to do is hover over the recipe, and click “Add to List”.  You can choose all of the ingredients, and only some; 

And here is my grocery list.. W/ all the essential things I need, as well as what I need for my meals; 
I do this part on the computer, but when I head to the grocery store, I pull up the Ziplist app, and there’s my list.  I can checkmark the items as I go through the store, or easily add to the list if I need to;

You can also drag the “Clip It” button to your bookmarks toolbar for easy saving while you’re browsing the web;

While I’m on ANY website w/ a recipe, this tool searches the page when you click “Clip It” and will try to fill in the info for you… Most often it works completely on its own, but occasionally you have to plug in the recipe name, etc.  Still a big time saver for quickly saving your recipe to your Ziplist box though;

Let me know if you give Ziplist a try!  :)

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Easter 2013

What a wonderful day!  We awoke early to head to the first hour service at our church.. The girls had a sleepover w/ Mamaw last night, so it was just daddy, Rowen & I to get ready and meet the girls there.  It was a packed full house!  I loved seeing that there were not many empty seats.. My prayer is that maybe even just one pesrson saw a new hope or next step in their faith walk, by being w/ us there today.  It was a great sermon, as always.

We then headed home for a scavenger hunt.  Kaylor was really insistent that I do one again, so that we did.  The girls had a blast racing through the house to solve the clues to find their next one.  I love that they get so excited to do this type of thing, because I’m pretty sure I have just as much fun w/ it too.

It didn’t take long for them to find their Easter baskets w/ goodies.. They went through them, along w/ Mamaw’s too:

It’s become tradition for our family to take a picture on the front porch on Easter morning.. Here is 201020112012

Doesn’t my mom look amazing?!  So proud of your healthy lifestyle, mama!

Then it was time to pack our sugar-high selves to go to brunch w/ my dad’s family.  The restaurant we went to has an incredible buffet including a chef omelet station, and “make your own Belgium waffles”… Fresh fruit on top and whipped cream.  OH MY, yumminess.

This is my grandparents (dad’s side) w/ the kiddos:

My dad, Papaw & Deb & my youngest brother, Brodie w/ the kiddos:

When we came home it was time to dye some eggs;

Ashlyn made her own scavenger hunt, w/ clues & all.  When Grandma Anna arrived, she had her on the hunt to find Bianca (her beenie kitty);

The kids got even MORE Easter goodies from Grandma & Grandpa..  They enjoyed opening them, then we headed outside to fly kites.  The sunshine on Easter was perfect!

The kids’ cousin, Shay.. He’s so cute!

Grandma Anna & Grandpa Gare-Bear w/ the grandkids;

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  :)

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Shaklee Get Clean Household Mini Kit..

If you have been wanting to try Shaklee products, this is a great way to do so.  You can order the Get Clean Household Mini Kit for only $40.00 for members, or $46.95 for non-members (a 20% savings over buying each item separately).   It includes some of my favorites too..  The Sour Off, Basic-H, and Basic-H Wipes.

Here’s a great, short video that talks about the benefits of using Shaklee products;

  • Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, 16 oz. (1)
  • Basic H2® Wipes (35 count)
  • Germ Off Wipes (35 count)
  • Scour Off
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Dropper Pipette
  • Spray Bottles (3-pack)

If you’ve been putting off making your home a safer, green, and cost effective environment, what are ya waiting for?  W/ Shaklee’s 100% money back guarantee  you have nothing to lose!  Well, aside from toxins, germs, dirt and grime:)


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Spring Clean Your Diet!… Take our 180 Challenge

We are currently looking for serious people that want to make a change now!
There will be:
•     NO Expensive Gym Membership 
•     NO Embarrassing Classes
•     NO Tasteless Diet Food
•     NO Getting Up Early
•     No counting calories all day 
•     No starving
•     No Yo-Yo dieting
To be a part of my Body Turnaround Challenge, you must:
•     Commit to follow a Program Workout Schedule (20 minutes a day in the privacy of your own home- we provide the virtual classes- must be done daily for best results) (coming soon)
•     Drink our Protein Smoothies – the purist quality- twice a day
•     Engage with our closed Facebook group reporting workouts, food, results, support, positive attitude

•     Be willing to be extremely honest with me. I want to know what’s working, what’s not working, what you like, what you don’t.


What You Get
•     30-day supply of healthy, delicious breakfast & lunch smoothies by #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. (45 meals)
•     30-day supply of yummy nutrition meal & snack bars by #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. (14 meals & 10 snacks)
•     30-day supply of energizing herbal tea by #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. (28 servings) 
•     30-day supply of a natural metabolism booster by #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.
•     180 days of motivating daily BURST interval training (coming soon)
•     In total, that’s almost 60 meal replacement smoothies/bars and 10 snacks, 28 teas & 180 online workouts included in the cost of the program!
•     Access to the Body Turnaround Challenge Online Forum for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation
•     Healthy Recipes that you can personalize to your liking so you are enjoying your weight loss journey.
•     Lots of other resources & support to continue on with your health and weight loss lifestyle.
•     Lifetime access our Body Turnaround Challenge bonuses and resources - You can always stay connected in our forum.

The Benefits

This is a proven and simple formula, and those who committed are more likely to finish and GET THE ABSOLUTE BEST RESULTS!
•     Lose about 10 pounds this month+
•     You will drop a dress size or two+
•     Reduce inches and cellulite
•     Keep skin tight while you lose your weight
•     Increase your good energy level throughout the day
•     Have more restful sleep during the night
•     Keep you from craving sweets- love sweets?
•     You will gets lots of nutrition
•     You will be able to control and normalize your appetite so you don’t feel hungry
•     You will balance your mood swings 
•     Save money on your grocery bill with our healthy, delicious smoothies, bars, & tea
•     Save mental energy on counting calories and planning all your meals
•     Build confidence with your new healthy self
•     Boost your metabolism, (you will love this part)
•     Improve your lean body mass 33% more than exercise alone.
•     Connect with other like-minded, focused participants who are taking this challenge
•     You will feel better & grow a stronger immune system
•     You will get healthier, glowing skin
•    You will take 10 online health courses so you can take control of your health
 A $400+ VALUE, ALL FOR ONLY $269.05. 

You’ll Also Receive These Free Program Bonuses
As a Turnaround Body Challenger, you’ll receive a TON of amazing bonuses, to help you make this a success, including:
•     FREE Membership that will save you 15% on Shaklee purchases ($19.95 value)
•     FREE Personalized support and online tools ($9.95 month/value) (coming soon)
•     FREE motivating daily BURST interval training, available on our website and mobile app. It’s designed to get more done in less time and continue to burn fat for hours following your workout. ($19.95 month/value) (coming soon)
•     FREE Upgrade to expedited shipping on your first order ($26.95 value)
•     Online support forum with me and our team
•     Live chat available  
•     Weekly emails for health advice, support, exercise and recipe tips, and more—to keep you moving towards your goals.
•     A online site and mobile App log easily and keep track of your progress on the go. (coming soon)
•     Win weekly prizes for logging your food and exercise and participating in the community!**
•     Ability to update friends on Facebook with your success 
•     Earn FREE product by referring others to take our challenge -Just help 3 people (Studies show that sharing your journey with friends and family can make you 33% more likely to reach your weight-loss goals!)
•     Every week 25 people will win prizes that will help them achieve their health and nutrition goals. Opt into the Healthy Competition and you could win a trip to Nashville or the grand prize to Paris!
AND I have another surprise for you!

I WANT you to be successful.  As in, this is the best thing you ever did successful.

We have online courses that can help YOU and your family because the healthiest you can be!

Week  1: Take Control of your Health
*Dr. Jamie McManus, M.D., Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education, covers the nutritional and lifestyle issues that can compromise your health.
*Insights about what you can do to make a difference, starting today.
*Find out why supplementation can be an invaluable part of your optimal health program.
*Learn about the quality of our nutrition & what your body needs.
*Learn how to change the way you view your health.
*Learn about the science behind this exciting and comprehensive program that helps you to lose weight and inches, and improve your health from Dr. Jamie McManus, MD, Chairman of Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education and Pam Riggs, RD, Senior Health Sciences Manager.
*You’ll hear about the proprietary formula enhanced with leucine in our program that helps preserve muscle (muscle = metabolism) while you burn fat and lose inches. (the secret to fat lose!!!)
*Hear also about the preliminary clinical study supporting this unique program, along with testimonials to showcase real people and real success!
Week 2: Take Care of your Children/Babies and Learn How to Create a Healthy Home
*Learn about the essential nutrients children and kids need.
*Learn what is vital for their brain development
*Learn about the importance of cleaning green for your health.
*Learn about household cleaners and see what is safe for you, your family, and the planet too.
Week 3: Learn how to Slow Aging and get Healthy Skin
*Learn about this revolutionary new breakthrough in slowing cellular aging.
*Learn about the development of an exclusive breakthrough in skin care.
Week 4: Sports Nutrition and the Importance of Drinking Pure Water
*Put in the best and bring out the best.
*Learn how provide what your body needs before, during, and after workouts, with natural ingredients you can trust—no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.
*This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about how to have cleaner, healthier water in a convenient delivery system.
And they’re ALL yours, included in the cost of your program.
Who Can Join?
Everyone! Well, all ladies (and men) 18 and up, that is. Location doesn’t matter because it’s all done online. Anyone in the US, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Malaysia & Taiwan (Prices will vary, email me for details.) Spouses and welcomed and encouraged you to join! Please note: this challenge is only for new and existing Project Health Shaklee Members.

Get Results Or Get Your Money Back

This program is 100% risk-free – I stand firmly behind everything I offer.
This program is designed for you to get results and keep them!!  You have worked hard and to get your body back and this will help you keep it off after you finish the program.  I ask that you stick with the program for 30 days to see how your body responds.  If you are not happy, you get money back!
I am confident that you will love it!:)

So ask yourself:
Are you ready to take your shape in a whole new direction?
So, even if you tend to eat out of stress, depression, or boredom, or you might be a binge eater – instead of eating three cookies, you eat the whole bag – or you might be a nibbler who picks at food all day long, or if you’re just a plain out-of-control eater, it will help to control and normalize your appetite so you just don’t feel hungry!
I’ve got to tell you about a few of our clients:
I have finally gotten to the point where I eat like a rat (sorry can’t think of anything else) instead of eating like a pig (again, can’t come up with a better analogy). I lost three pounds over the holiday even though I cheated and I think it’s because I kept my metab up by eating in smaller portions rather than gulping everything down at one meal and unbuttoning my jeans:) 
I don’t know if I’m more excited about our date night or the fact that I can fit back into a sexy pre-baby dress:)
I weighed myself this morning and I’m PSYCHED!! 4 pounds down and… (drumroll) 1 size smaller!!! Yup, I’m wearing pants today that fit great and they’re a 10! In a couple more weeks I’ll have lots of 12-14′s to donate!! YAY!

I finally tried the Shaklee 180 Chocolate shake an I love it so much I wish I could have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Since I got the ‘cocktail’ of chemotherapy 7 yrs. ago, I was blessed with random hot flashes. BUT I have happily discovered that the non GMO soy Shaklee 180 smoothies has eliminated them! So cool!
Lost a 1/2 inch off of my butt! Woohoo! (First week)

So the neat thing about our Body Turnaround Challenge is that it supplies you with two of your meals & snacks, then you can eat a healthy meal for the other meal(s).  Your body will naturally want you to cut back so you don’t overeat.  We have a guide for you so there is no thinking required. You are welcome!;)
Right now we are running a special promotion.  We will give a free online forum to connect with others to make sure that you doing the program right and getting the results you want.  It’s all done online for convenience (or by the phone with a request).

Register by March 28th  

Program starts April 1st-30st.



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