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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), wife, mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

New Hardwood Floors!…

If you’ve been following our debacle w/ our hardwood floors, then you realize how happy this post makes me.  As much as this is gonna feel like peeling off a bandaid, it’s gotta be done.. Let’s revisit the horrid wood floors before..
EEEK!  I hope you’re not scared off… Let’s move on to some better scenery, shall we?  Is is wrong for me to wish all that yellowed, worn out oak good riddance? lol  Talk about a drastic before & after!

The new hardwood is 5in planks by Armstrong, called Brown Bear.  The distressed, hand scraped feel is absolutely beautiful in person.  This was literally the very first thing my husband & I talked about doing when we walked through this home.  Still a couple final touches (quarter round & small banister down to basement) to do, but overall we’re almost done!
Entry way rug from:

Do you remember this mock image that I did?  I took the image into PhotoShop and “painted” the floors dark & banisters…
The vision is coming to life!
We thought we would replace the banisters all together, and go w/ a dark stain along the top rail, spindles white, and shoe runner dark, but I decided to take a chance to paint them all white first to see how it would look.  Figured that we would replace them anyhow if we didn’t like the outcome… I’m SO glad I did!  I used my newest favorite way of painting, using homemade chalk paint..

It really brightens the area, and flows w/ the overall feel of our home..

Lots of projects, as always, but we’re loving how it’s transformed our house into a home:)

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DIY Buffet Furniture Piece Re-Do…

We have had this piece for several years, and while it’s been a great fit to our decor, I’ve been eyeing it for an update..

I used this tutorial from I Heart Naptime for making chalk paint.. While I’ve heard amazing things about Annie Sloan chalk paint, it’s a bit pricey..  I used this homemade version on another project recently, and it was love at first stroke.. lol  It goes on smoothly, and the consistency is a bit thicker.  A little really does go a long way.

I knew I wanted to distress this piece, using the black that would be painted over.. For that, I followed a technique from Shanty Chic using vaseline..  (one of my favorite blogs!)    I think my love for the distressed look started back in the days that I scrapbooked… I always used inks to distress paper cut outs & edges.  I just love the texture and added depth it gives things..

I painted it in Benjamin Moore Linen White.. I didn’t want bright white, and this was exactly the off-white, creamy color I was searching for.  I kept the hardware the same, since it brought out the distressed areas perfectly..  To protect the finish, I used Minwax Finishing Wax..

I’m in love w/ the results!  It adds the perfect feel to my office.  I have plans for a new desk soon that also involve another DIY project..  Seeing the completed buffet, I cannot wait to get started on the desk.

What do you think?  It brightens up the space, and I love the newly added character it adds..

The rest of our furniture better take cover… This girl will be on to the next one soon!:)

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Spring has Sprung!…

Well, that may be wishful thinking since we have the “s” word in our forecast for this week… (sn*w)  Maybe if it’s not fully spelled out, the weatherman will be wrong?

Regardless, we are SO ready for spring!  While I have the spring mini session setup in the studio, I wanted to grab my kiddos in the some shots…  The oldest may not have been too willing, but we made it work.  (oh to be a pre-teen again).. lol The younger two actually enjoyed themselves.. This mama may have been acting crazy to make them laugh:)

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This is our first year of Kaylor playing volleyball for her Junior High, and it’s been a ball!… Literally;) We’re definitely experiencing proud parent moments watching her play w/ her team, and really give it her all.. These girls are young, but they play w/ all their hearts!

I have to say, buying K new tennis shoes for volleyball in a size NINE put into perspective how much of a teen she is becoming… Yikes!  I’VE never even worn a size 9 before.. lol  Hopefully for her sake those feet are done growing!

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Rowen’s 3rd Birthday…

So hard to believe our youngest just turned three… Wasn’t he a newborn like yesterday?…   He has become such a silly little guy, with lots of laughter & silliness.  He loves matchbox cars, tractors, balls, and coins.  We started calling him “Clutch” several months ago, because he has something clutched in at least one hand, at all times..  He’s been obsessed w/ “monies” (coins) over the last few weeks and empties my wallet every chance he gets.  Loves taking them in and out of his piggy bank, and I can always count on (lol… yes, lame pun!) finding change in his pants pockets too.

We always do a small birthday celebration w/ our family of five before the actual party for our family.

I just love this…. So sweetly wishing as he blows out the candles.. 

My son could care less what his cake looks like… His only request, “I want cake!”

We did a race car theme for his party this year… This boy LOVES his matchbox cars.. Don’t worry, the antifreeze was totally safe to drink;)

Such a blessed little boy, w/ so many that love him!

My father seems to be on a kick of buying the kids rather interesting really loud toys lately…

I’ll be the first to admit.. I can make some beautiful cupcakes, but cakes?  No way, jose!  It did however taste wonderful.. just not ideal for looks. lol

Happy 3rd birthday, Rowen Zane!  We sure do love you so much!


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