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    to “A Step Inside”… our personal family blog, documenting the craziness of our every day life.. Sit back, enjoy, laugh, and share in the road we travel..

    I'm Bridget.. A SAHM (stay at home mom), wife, mother of 3, and a follower of Christ. I'm also a photographer, and passionate about life.. I hope to share that w/ you too! Life isn't always perfect, but it's perfectly created in His plan. I'm beyond thankful for God's grace and His many blessings!

Half Bath | Bathroom Before & After

I’ve known that I wanted to do a bit of something in our 1/2 bath.. It’s on the first floor, right off the foyer/entry way area.  It was just fine the way it was, but definitely needed new baseboards.  I’m not sure if there had been water on the floor before we bought this home, but the baseboards weren’t in the greatest shape.  Have I ever replaced baseboard before?  Nope!  It was worth figuring out though!  :)

Here are a couple before & after comparisons..I didn’t paint the walls, even though the pictures show it a little differently (most likely the time of day the images were taken).

After I tore out the old baseboards and started in on installing the news ones, it seemed like it would be the perfect time to try some board & batten as well.. I loved this post at Young House Love to guide me along the way.

No idea what originally inspired this emerald green tile on the cabinet shelf.. Eek!

Enough of that… On to the updated version.  I love how it turned out, and added just enough finishing touch to the project.

I was proud of myself for figuring out how to cope the corners for a tight, locked in fit on the inside corners.  You can do 45 degree angles, but I was up for the challenge of learning how to use a coping saw;

The final touch will be once the hardwood floors are refinished to a dark stain… I cannot WAIT for that to be completed!  We will be hiring a contractor to do that though… Erik says no renting commercial sanders in my future… lol

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Julie Sancken - July 8, 2013 - 8:14 AM

Girl, I am SO so impressed! LOVE it!

Kelly - August 6, 2014 - 10:11 AM

beautiful bathroom! We wanted to do something similar – would you be able to tell me the dimensions of your half bath? thanks!!

4th Of July 2013

We love the 4th of July!

This was yesterday’s devotion from our church.  What a great comparison of our freedom as a country, but most importantly, as Christians.

This year the weather was AH.MAZ.ING.  The last couple of years have been so dang hot, that it was hard not to notice how incredibly beautiful it was all day yesterday.  All three kids enjoyed the parade this year, and it didn’t take Rowen long to catch on to gathering up candy.

Mamaw & Kaylor… (K said, I have this red, white & blue tank top from last year.. Me:  Did you wear it last year?  K:  Yep!  Me:  So you’re gonna wear the same one again this year?  K:  Yep!.. .Gotta love 11 year olds! lol)

My husband & I… Love this guy beyond words!

Fun w/ friends..

Annie & Ashlyn… They are 13 weeks apart in age;

Maggie, Ashlyn & Annie;Ashlyn & Mamaw;

She was thrilled that we let her put Skittles on top of her cupcake.. Hey, it was a holiday after all. I LOVE this picture of my two boys;

Our family <3

Jake & Erik… Doing what they do best; 
Every time Rowen heard a firecracker, this was his reaction.. The girls taught him to sing “Firecracker, firecracker, boom, boom, boom”, so he kept saying that and laughing like crazy; 


It had already gotten dark by the time we made it home for some sparklers.. The girls loved them, Rowen wouldn’t hold one telling us very seriously, “those HOT”.. 

Happy 4th to you all!

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TACOS, 21DSD Approved

It was a refreshing change to try some new recipes for the whole family, while I was doing the 21 day sugar detox.  On taco night, I replaced the tortilla shells w/ lettuce wraps.


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Mom, there’s a turtle in the front yard!..

There are a lot of unusual things I hear from the kids, but this was a first.  Ashlyn had been looking out the front window recently, and sure enough, a turtle was right outside.  She called to big sis to check him out too.  I couldn’t believe how fearless Ashlyn was and kept wanting to touch his shell.  Kaylor was eagerly ready to get him back to where to most likely came from, the pond across the street in the golf course.  She gathered him up, put him in a bucket and took him back to the water.  I love my little nature, animal saving girls:)

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Father’s Day 2013

What a nice day we spent w/ our families..  The little ones must have been extra tired, because they slept well past our “need to be up & getting ready for church” time, so Erik & I caught up on a sermon online that we had missed.  We spent time outdoors enjoying the summer weather, Erik concocted a couple new pork loin marinades for the grill.. His parents came down for a visit, and my dad and step-mom were over too.

The kids love seeing their grandparents..

Of course you should also look in grandpa’s ears w/ a flashlight… Just in case;

I peeked into the kitchen to see Rowen happily helping Grandma Anna make her tea.. He likes to slurp a little off of the spoon.. lol

Ashlyn had made a few special items for daddy at preschool;

Then all of the kids gave him a gift;

The little ones looooove to play on Grandma Anna’s iPhone & iPad.  She always has new games for them to try out;

The meat Erik grilled for us was fantastic… Nice work, honey!  We were able to sit outside to eat.. We absolutely love having the deck that overlooks our yard & golf course.  It’s an amazing view, and we definitely don’t take it for granted.
I love these pictures we got of the kids w/ both of their grandpas.  This is my dad (Papaw) w/ the kids;

And my father-in-law (Grandpa Gare-bear) w/ the kids;
Erik & his dad;

I’m super in love w/ this pic of my dad & I;

And my fil is actually smiling!  Whatdya’ know;

And since the weather was so gorgeous, we played around outside for a bit in the driveway.. See why I can’t say no to this little guy?  Those baby blues get me every time!

My two men… <sigh>  I sure do love them;

And who is this we have?!  Oh, it’s Kaylor!  The anti-camera girl..:P I sure wish she’d let me photograph her more often.. She’s gorgeous!

Ashlyn scared the bageezes out of us.. She stood up & turned around to us, and it looked like she had blood all over her face.  She wasn’t crying and we asked her what happened.  She had her face buried in a tiger lily to smell it, and it was pollen.  Silly, silly girl… lovvvvves her flowers!

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